Women In Action | Education & Art in the Big Sky School District
Through many partnerships, Women In Action is pleased to offer art programing for all students in grades K-5 as well as the Parent Liaison Program in the Big Sky School District. Learn more now!
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Create. Design. Get your hands dirty!


Women In Action is pleased to partner with ArtSplot, the Yellowstone Community Club Foundation, and the Big Sky School district to provide art programing for all students in grades K-5.  Students receive comprehensive fundamental art education as well as art enrichment experiences of breadth and depth. The program includes drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, sculpture, fabric arts, and ceramics. Students build skills, gain vocabulary, understand various properties of different art materials, experience a wide range of techniques, methods, processes, learn about art approaches, art history, movements, and masters, curriculum connections with other areas of study such as music and creative writing, display, verbalize expressions, have critiques, self and peer evaluations, appreciate the development of pieces of art, and classroom “art happenings.”

women in action art education ophir school
women in action art education ophir school

Parents + School Involvement = Success!


In partnership with Thrive, the Yellowstone Club Community Foundation, and the Big Sky School District, WIA provides the funding for the Parent Liaison Program in the Big Sky School District.


Elementary/Ophir Middle School /Lone Peak High School.

The Parent Liaison Program is based on the belief that a child’s ability to succeed is directly affected by two factors:  the parents’ ability to communicate effectively with schools and the ability of schools to engage parents as partners in the mission to educate students. The goal of this parent-engagement model is to increase a student’s opportunity for success.


The Parent Liaison operates as a professional member of the school staff and assists in the coordination of various programs, including:

  • Strengthening parent engagement with the school
  • Assistance with parents’ access to community and school resources
  • Facilitation of Parenting Classes (Love & Logic Classes)
  • Strengthening home and school relationships


This Thrive program has proven to increase academic performance, improve attendance, create positive parental engagement, and encourage interactions between school and family.


For further information or to speak with Big Sky’s Parent Liaison, Lori Swenson, please call 995-4281 or email lswenson@bssd72.org.

parent liaison ophir school big sky montana women in action