Women In Action | Community Counseling in Big Sky, Montana
Find the support you or your family need in Big Sky, Montana. Services include access to confidential, affordable mental health counseling services, 24 hour help lines and safe havens.
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Find the support you need in Big Sky.

You are never alone on Lone Peak; Support is a call away

In partnership with the MSU Human Development Clinic, WIA provides local children and adults with access to confidential, affordable mental health counseling services in WIA’s private Big Sky offices.

Our mental health professionals and graduate students from the Department of Health and Human Development at MSU practice with the utmost respect and discretion, offering top level counseling and guidance for:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Couple, child, and family therapy
  • Career counseling
  • Skills and development workshops
  • Consultation and referrals

Our counseling programs offer clients a sliding scale payment schedule based on income, determined by the client and counselor together.

To learn more about the services available or to schedule an appointment with a counselor, please contact one of the Big Sky Counselor Interns, Hanna McKinney and Ellie Jorgensen, at 406-570-3907.


Individual and group outpatient therapies for substance
use disorders, DUI and misdemeanor dangerous drug
classes, and prevention strategies. – 406-586-5493


Individual therapy for adolescents and adults
experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders,
difficulty with peer relationship and bullying, and
bipolar disorders. -406-415-2017


Mental health counseling for children, adolescents,
and young adults as well as college and career
counseling. – 406-579-3409


WIA has partnered with Haven Domestic Abuse Center to help bring Haven’s support services to Big Sky.  Haven offers a 24-hr support line, safe shelter for individuals and families, legal advocacy, individual counseling, support groups, and community education.  For information about Big Sky’s support group or Haven’s other services, contact 406-586-4111 or http://havenmt.org

women in action substance abuse counseling help

WIA has partnered with the Help Center in Bozeman to provide Big Sky residents with up to date access to a full spectrum of local resources.

The HELP CENTER is a 24 hour Crisis Hotline and Referral Service, nationally accredited by Contact USA and the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems. They accept calls from a variety of clientele with issues ranging from suicidality, depression/anxiety to relationship/family problems. Their extensive database of resource information allows them to give appropriate referrals to inquirers on the hotline. To contact the Help Center, call (406) 586-3333 or http://www.bozemanhelpcenter.org

Here are a few of their services:

  • 24-Hour Crisis and Help Line: Need help?  Someone to just talk to?  Concerned about someone?   Need help finding resource?  Call (406) 586-3333
  • Suicide Intervention and Prevention: 24-hour hotline.  Call 1-800-273-TALK or the Help Center directly at (406) 586-3333
  • Sexual Assault Outreach and Counseling: Hotline and referral, individual counseling for survivors and significant others, crisis intervention and outreach, legal and medical advocacy, hospital visits (including Big Sky).  All services are fee.
  • Child Advocacy Center: Forensic interviews, support and advocacy for child and family, trauma focused therapy, medical evaluation. (406) 586-3333
  • Hearts and Homes: Supervised visitation with children due to divorce or court order.  (406) 585-8544
  • Telecare: daily phone calls for homebound individuals (could be elderly individuals or those that are sick or bedridden).  Coordination with friends, families, and neighbors
big sky montana women in action counseling safe 24 hour call

Brought to you by WOMEN IN ACTION in partnership with the Yellowstone Club Community Foundation, the Hungry Moose Market & Deli, Big Sky Resort Area District Tax and Students at Lone Peak High School.