Women In Action | WIA 2017 Annual Report
Check out the impact YOU and WIA have had on our community in 2017.
WIA 2017 Annual Report
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WOMEN IN ACTION 2017 Annual Report

A Message from the Director

Dear Friends,


Big Sky’s remote location is part of its beauty and charm, but it also poses a set of obstacles for the residents that live here. Each year, we read heartbreaking research and talk to experts about the high prevalence of mental health issues and lack of educational opportunities in ski towns like ours. Here in Big Sky, we are working together to bring vital services to our rural community and we can’t do it without you. WIA’s success wouldn’t be possible without the strong partnerships we have with our service providers and the widespread community support we get from individuals, businesses, and local foundations. Together, we are building a strong and resilient community.


Thanks to your support in 2017, our Community Counseling Program, Substance Abuse Program, Educational Programs, and Scholarships Programs continued to serve our appreciative Big Sky community. Thank you for joining with us in another successful year.




Jean Behr
Executive Director, WIA

Women in Action 2017 Annual Report Expense
Women in Action 2017 Annual Report Summer Scholarships

Our Mission:

The purpose of Women In Action is to provide access and support to programs that improve the well-being of children and families in our under served rural Big Sky Community.

Our Board Members:

Marne Hayes – President
Jennifer Reed – Vice President
Kay Reeves – Treasurer
Sharon Clark – Secretary
Andrea Scholz
Pat Kimmel
Betsy McFadden
Mia Lennon
Stacey Chapman

Our Advisory Council:

Rachel Thesing – Chairman
Ania Bulis
Barb Barnhart
Kelly Welsh

Women in Action 2017 Annual Report



Big Sky Resort Area District

Mary Lou Cook

Eileen & Charles Dubroff

Moonlight Community Foundation

Andrea & Michael Scholz

Dana & Rob Smith

Yellowstone Club Community Foundation


Sue & Mike Arneson

Big Sky Build, Inc.

Highline Partners

Lizzie Peyton

Nancy & Whitney Peyton

Jennifer & Bill Reed

Timothy & Robin Sheehan

The Knight Foundation, Inc

United Way of Greater Gallatin County

Kelly & Kevin Welsh


American Bank


Barbara & Richard Barnhart


Shelly Bermont


Jill & Loren Bough


Bozeman Health

Buck’s T4 Lodge


Ania Bulis


Melanie & Charlie Callander


Conoco of Big Sky


Collie Daily
Cameron & David Given


Hungry Moose Market


Judy & Dan Taft  Katany


Gene & Renee Martin
Kay & Tom Reeves


Reid Smith Architects


Security Title Company


Tori Pintar Photography

Judy & Curtis 


Lily & Jose Azel
Big Sky Western Bank
Susan Brakeley
Sharon & Richard Clarke
Susan and Dale Clift
Gallatin Canyon Women’s Club
Grizzly Outfitters
Barbara & Kenneth Kaufman
Pat & Bob Kimmel
Terye & Les Loble
Lotus Pad
Cecile Noel
Kristin & Scott O’Connor
Janet Rice
Spanish Peaks Community Foundation
Carl Stamp
Christi Turner


Nancy Bauchman

Randi & Paul Betz

Sandy & Mike Brown

Stacey & Todd Chapman

Anne Chiles

Kerry Clark

Jan Cummings

First Security Bank

Paul Gannon

Joanie & Robert Hall

Bob Harvey

Carol Kistler

Debbie Lewis

Betsy McFadden

Susan & Tim Mitchell

Heather & Matt Morris

Darlye Nourse

Jennifer & David O’Connor

Stacy Ossorio

Tracy Reamy

Kim Reeves

Pamela & Rodney Rempt

River Rock Investments

Mark Schleicher

Rachel & Todd Thesing

Nancy & Ed Webster


Jan & Jim Bernards
Big Sky Vacation Rentals
Colleen Cleary & Michael Boyer
Brian Brown
Heather Budd
Alisha Bynum
Kathy Dudley
Josie & Bill Erickson
Jan & John Ethen
Kerri & Kevin Fabozzi
Mark Fisher

Jason Frounfelker
Marla & Mark Ganoom

Julian T. Gerardi
Mary & Dennis Grundman
Marne & Erin Hayes
Gina & Gary Hermann
Fern & Grant Hilton
Matthew Hooker
Tamara Horwitz
Britt & Alex Ide
Phyllis & Cleve Johnson
Lisa Knorr
Darius & Cynthia Larsen
Mia and Derek Lennon

Lauren & Eric Leydig
Connie & Christopher Lunt
Martha Johnson Real Estate & Consulting
Ashby Miller
Scott Mizner
Bob Morse
Dennis Munson
Eleanor Nolan
Not Specified
Outlaw Partners
Nancy & Thomas Patterson
Ross Pfohl

Sally & Tim Ryan
Donovan Savagae
Suzanne Schreiner
Jason Smith
Irena & Victor Sniecinski
Candace Strauss
Sascha & Steve Taylor
Rosemary & Kent Volosin
Mark Wehrman
Allison Wilfling
Virginia & Bert Williams
Thomas R. Young